As there are no identical people, there are no identical solutions. Therefore, we create and embed technical solutions around each client
Save The World
Convey The Best
EOL (Αἴολος) – son of Poseidon, lord of the winds (lord of the wind of change). EOL was credited with a valuable invention, for which all sailors were grateful - the sail.
Our team shares the position of the demigod EOL.
1) we direct our clients and partners, just as the wind directs the vessels to their goal;
2) provide the best solution (create a "sail"), which improves and releases the resources of our partners.

Why us?

Key factors
  1. Highly qualified specialists;
  2. Fast and high-quality service;
  3. Well-developed logistics in the Russian Federation;
  4. The accumulated base of customers and suppliers since 2012;
  5. Various payment options.
Our partners and clients
Large federal and regional commercial enterprises, system integrators, mobile operators, Internet providers, holdings, state unitary enterprises.
EOL provides investment opportunities in specific government orders with a guaranteed return on investment.
Work principles
1. non-standard approaches;
2. lack of stereotypes;
3. ingenuity, reinforced by competencies and at the same time accuracy and punctuality.

Distributed Branch Network
To provide and maximize the convenience of our customers, the company has representative offices in the most important centers of the Russian Federation: the Central office in Vladivostok, a representative office in Moscow and Yekaterinburg.
Our company is a well-coordinated team of professionals in various fields of business.
+7 800 201 91 94

Moscow, Ekateriburg and

Mail: 690078, Russia, Vladivostok, Khabarovskaya 19, post box 7